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The School of Physics and Electronic Engineering of Jiangsu University was established by the Department of Physics, the Department of University Physics and the Physics Experiment Center of the former College of Science of Jiangsu University. It consists of Physics Department, University Physics Department, Physics Experiment Center, Bio-optics and Imaging Technology Research Center, Ultrasonic Testing Research Institute, Applied Physics Research Institute and other teaching and research institutions, among which the Physics Experiment Center is a demonstration center for experimental teaching in Jiangsu Province. The Institute of Quantum Intelligent Perception was jointly established with Nantong Institute of Intelligent Perception, Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Joint Research Center of Functional Materials and Quantum Device Design was jointly established with University of Graz, Austria. Relying on the national international joint research center - key structure health management of high-end equipment, Jiangsu Province Photonic Manufacturing Key Laboratory and Physics Experimental Teaching Center and other research platforms, the college has built three first-level master's degree programs in physics, electronic science and technology and optical engineering and two undergraduate majors in physics (teacher training) and microelectronics science and engineering, among which the undergraduate major in physics is a national first-class undergraduate major construction point. At present, there are 238 undergraduates and 45 doctoral and master's degree students in the college.

There are more than 70 faculty members, including 8 doctoral supervisors, 31 master supervisors, 12 professors, 37 associate professors and other associate titles. The faculty has emerged the candidates of "New Century Excellent Talents Support Program of Ministry of Education", Jiangsu Outstanding Young Experts, Jiangsu "Double Creative Talents", Jiangsu Specially Appointed Professor, Jiangsu "333 Project", the third level of candidates, Jiangsu Province "Youth and Blue Project" academic leaders, Jiangsu Province "Youth and Blue Project" excellent backbone teachers, Jiangsu Province "six talents peak High-level talents", Jiangsu Province "Double Creation Doctor", the best mentor of the 10th anniversary of the National Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, Jiangsu Province May Day Innovation Leader, Jiangsu Province Technical Leader, Zhenjiang City Top Ten Teachers, Jiangsu University "Top Ten Most Popular Teachers " and a number of outstanding talents. Many times won the first, second and third prizes in provincial and university-level teacher teaching competitions.

In the past five years, the college has published more than 150 SCI-indexed papers in domestic and international academic journals, hosted 17 National Natural Science Foundation of China projects and 7 provincial and ministerial projects, and had a number of excellent academic results published in Physics Reports, Nature Physics, Physical Review Letters, Advanced Materials, PNAS, Nature communications and other internationally renowned academic journals.

The School has always attached importance to the cultivation of students' intellectual quality and innovative ability. In the past five years, we have trained more than 40 Ph.D. and M.S. students and 200 undergraduates, and the employment rate of graduates has reached 98%. Students have been awarded two second prizes in the "Challenge Cup" national extra-curricular academic science and technology works competition, one excellent paper in the national annual conference, three excellent papers in the annual conference of Jiangsu Province, four excellent undergraduate papers in Jiangsu Province, three postgraduate innovation projects in Jiangsu Province, one advanced individual in practicing socialist core values by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, one nominee for the China 1 person nominated as the Star of University Students' Self-improvement, 1 person nominated as the Star of Jiangsu Province's Self-improvement, 1 person nominated as the Student of the Year in Jiangsu Province, and many people won the first, second and third prizes in Jiangsu Province's Basic Teaching Skills Competition for Teacher Training Students. Many of them won the first and third prizes in the Information Technology Application Ability Competition for college students in Jiangsu Province. Won 14 first prizes, 19 second prizes and 15 third prizes in the innovation competition of physics and experimental science and technology works for college students in Jiangsu Province. He has received 9 national and 10 provincial training programs for college students. In the past five years, the students (including undergraduates) have published more than 30 SCI papers as the first author in Advanced Materials, Physical Review Applied, Applied physics Letter and other journals.

The college will take the establishment of the institute as an opportunity, take the discipline and professional development as the lead, strive to build a high-level faculty, vigorously improve the quality of personnel training and research strength, and strive to build a high-level, characteristic, international research-oriented college.

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