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The Institute of physics and electricity has made outstanding achievements in the 12th Jiangsu Province university basic physics teacher's good class competition
Date:2020-08-26   View:

From August 21 to 23, the 12th class competition of basic physics teachers in Jiangsu Universities was held in Yangzhou University. 61 teachers from 25 universities in Jiangsu Province participated in the competition. The competition is divided into two categories: the theoretical group and the experimental group. The participating teachers decide the content of lectures by random lot one hour before the competition (one out of 20 in the theoretical group and one in the 15 in the experimental group). A total of 4 teachers were selected to participate in the competition, and 2 first prizes (5 in total) and 1 second and third prizes were obtained.

The Institute of physics and electronics attaches great importance to the competition, and the Department carefully plans and organizes several preparation promotion meetings to carry out pre competition counseling to help the participating teachers to prepare well. The college will take the award-winning teaching competition as an opportunity to comprehensively deepen the teaching reform, highlight the construction of quality connotation, and further promote the teaching reform of college physics and physical experiment course, which is of great significance to improve the teaching quality and teaching level of our teachers.

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