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The electronic engineering held a debate on the selection and appointment of the chair and Deputy Chair of the physics department
Date:2020-08-05   View:

In order to further improve the level of the Department of Physics and the quality of personnel training, and promote faster and better professional development of the college, in July 2020, the college openly selected and recruited the chair and deputy chair of the Department of Physics for all faculty members, and on August 4,301 in the practice building to hold an election and defense meeting. Party secretary Pan Jinbiao, executive vice-president Chen Yuanping, vice-president Sun Hongxiang, deputy party Secretary Gu Yuting, party branch secretaries and department heads of all teaching and labor departments, teachers of the college office and six teachers competing for jobs attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Pan Jinbiao, the Party secretary of the House of Representatives.

Six teachers introduced their own strengths, advantages, a brief statement of the future work plan, and to answer the questions raised by the leadership of the institute. Finally, the participants made a democratic recommendation to the teachers who were competing for the position.

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