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Notice of Applying for Study Period Extension(For Undergraduate Students& Postgraduate students)---OEC Notice
Date:2020-06-26   View:

Students who should graduate in June 2020 but cannot finish the required study tasks by this semester must apply for study period extension.Please fill the application before  24:00, 29th June(Beijing time).

Application link :

Check your application:

Note (for Undergraduate Students):

1.Students who have finished graduation design (thesis) must finish their study within one year after getting extension.

2.Students must have a reasonable study plan, and execute accordingly, OEC will evaluate students when they apply for extension.

3.Students who haven’t registered relearn courses in the extended semester won’t be extended anymore.

Note (for PG Students):

1. Students must have a reasonable study plan, and execute accordingly, your supervisor will evaluate your study plan.

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